New Here?

What you will find here is a family of faith, hope, unity, and a love for the Lord!

If you are visiting us, you will be greeted at the front door by one of our wonderful people and given a bulletin and made to feel right at home. Below are answers to some of your questions to help you feel more comfortable as you come to our church. You will certainly experience a dynamic time of worship with a program of blended music. You’ll also enjoy messages from our Pastor as he delivers the word in a welcoming and friendly environment.
What do I wear?
At Faith, we encourage you to come as you are. God sees our heart and that’s what He cares about, it’s not about the style of clothing we choose. Just so you’ll know, most people attend wearing business-casual attire but don’t be surprised if you see a few suits and ties, as well as many people wearing jeans. Come as you are!
How Do I Join?
How To Unite With This Church
Faith Baptist Church receives Candidates for Membership at the end
of every service during the time designated as the “Invitation”. There
are three ways that candidates are united with this church:
1. By profession of Faith in Christ as Savior and upon Believer’s Baptism.
2. By transfer of membership from another church of like faith and practice.
3. By statement of Faith in Christ and having received Believer’s Baptism on
    a prior occasion in another church.
 Here at Faith, we believe that a church is not measured by its seating capacity,
 but by its sending capacity. We are very excited about what God is doing in
 missions and in the life of our church, and our desire is to send out missionaries
 to reach the world for Christ. Our prayer is that you will look around and ask
 God where He is sending you to change lives, communities, and the world
 Why I Attend This Church.
“I attend this church because everyone is so friendly
 and we have a great pastor. Everyone is so caring and
willing to help when needed.” 
“I attend this church because we have a great pastor
 who teaches the word. We also have a loving pastor
 and a great loving and friendly congregation. People
 are always made to feel welcome.”
“Great Fellowship. Very true Christians. The word
is taught. Great sermons by our Pastor. Outstanding
music programs.”
“To worship our Lord, for fellowship, and singing.
Praying for ourselves and others. To serve the Lord.
To study God’s word together. To hear our Pastor preach.
We are a loving church and welcome all new members.”
“Because of my love of the Lord. The people are
a loving bunch. They like to sing, pray, and fellowship.
Everyone is welcome. No one is a stranger. We have a
Pastor who preaches the Word of our God. So come
on and see us! Give us a try! May God bless you and yours.”
“God brought me to the church to use me in the music
for the people here at Faith. What a blessing this is to
me to see the folks here at Faith singing God’s praises.
God helped me through my fear of getting on stage
through his love for me. My Bible verse is :
For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power
and of love and a sound mind. – 2 Timothy 1:7″
“You are all welcome to come. The door is
always open. We have a loving church that
is kind to everyone. Our Pastor Larry is like
a teddy bear, always loving, good spirits, and
uplifting. I love him a lot.”